Our IP Practices

Reasonable, affordable and flexible fee structures, call or email. 收費合理,方式靈活,電話電郵咨詢 
Both English and Chinese, save the translation.雙語服務,不需翻譯。
US Patent and Trademark, Application, Prosecution, and Enforcement. 多种技術美国專利和商标申請和服務 

  • Flexible services and client communications. 靈活的服務方式,客戶拜訪和交流  
  • Comprehensive knowledge base, saving applicants time and energy. 技術知識全面,為發明人節約大量準備時間和精力 
  • Hard working and detail oriented. 高度負責任的工作態度 
  • Biotechnology, mechanical designs, polymeric materials, software and networks, telecommunications, etc. 生物技術,機械設計,高分子材料,軟件設計,網絡技術,無線電通訊 
  • Patentability opinions and due diligence services. 专利查询和意见 
  • Patent transfer and trademark licensing. 專利轉讓和商標授權 


  • Company and corporation registration in New York and Massachusetts. 政府註冊 
  • LLC Operating and Company Stockholder agreement. 合夥人協議 
  • Divorce in Massachusetts. 美國麻省離婚 



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